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iPhone 3G Battery Replacement
iPhone 3G Battery Replacement
Is your battery not holding a charge like it did when it was new? Unfortunately, batteries don't last forever. If you have to charge your battery every few hours to keep it going, or the Apple logo fades in and out when you plug your charger in, your iPhone battery is losing its functionality. Send your iPhone to iPhoneRepairMen. Choose among the convenient methods suggested. We'll have a certified technician replace your battery to fix the problem and end your frustration. We'll also check your iPhone out thoroughly and call or email you with suggestions to make your iPhone look and function like the beautiful new iPhone with which you walked out of the Apple store. As always if we can't fix your phone there is no charge and we'll send it back to you at no charge to you.
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$ 59.00

All of our repairs include a 30 day parts and labor warranty.

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