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Here at iPhone Repairmen, we are dedicated to our customers satisfaction. We accomplish this with low prices, high quality replacement parts, fast turn around time, and friendly customer service.

As our name implies, iPhone Repair is what we do best. However, we fix much more than that. Along with other Apple products like the iPad and iPod Touch, we also repair Androids and other smart phones. If you can break it, we can fix it.

Low Prices
Our prices are the best you will find. It's usually cheaper to have us repair your phone than it to pay your phone's insurance deductible. Consistently we check our competitors prices to ensure we are the lowest. If you find a lower price, we will beat it.

Commitment to Quality Replacement Parts.
We only use the highest quality replacement parts. There are several "grades" of parts: Grade A through Grade D and "OEM".
These different grades are not created equal. Parts that are not "OEM" can be a slightly different size, have a different weight, and are more susceptible to physical damage. For us there is no debate. We only use the finest parts. It's better for us, and it's better for you.

Fast Turn Around
You need your phone back fast, and we understand that. We stock many replacement parts and our technicians have experienced hands. So if you are stopping by in person or shipping us your phone, you can count on us to have it back in your hands in no time.

Friendly Customer Service
Helpful and informative is what we strive for. No question is stupid. When you are working with us, you can feel comfortable asking about anything you don't understand. We are here to help.

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